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Windows 11 developer annoyances

I'm a bit late to the game, but here is my response to this Tweet from Vicky Harp.

Running Windows 11 Professional with WSL2 the things I come across include:

  • WSL2 sometimes becoming unresponsive with the only resolution being one or two reboots
  • It's great that the Microsoft Store can update apps in the background. But sometimes it does this with Terminal, and you lose important running processes or the results of a long-running process
  • Difficulty in exposing WSL2 Docker services to someone other than your local machine. The IP address of the WSL2 instance keeps moving
  • If you have a folder open in File Explorer with a lot of changes happening, such as many temporary files being created and removed, then your selection will keep disappearing. This causes me issues when trying to rename a file or folder while there is other activity in that folder. I will actively be renaming a file/folder, only to have File Explorer abort the change and refresh everything
  • Related, if OneDrive is syncing files and you're trying to perform a rename, often files that are syncing will appear to reorder, often going to the bottom of the list. This causes File Explorer to refresh cancelling your active rename
  • Windows Defender scanning can slow down processes. On Windows, PHPStorm tries to work around this by excluding itself from scanning.
  • It would be awesome to be able to reposition the cursor in Terminal by using your mouse pointer. Just imagine you need to re-run a command and press the up arrow to bring up the last command. But now you need to edit it, and the change is 100 characters from the start. That is a lot of scrolling!
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TIL about git switch.🤯

Ever did a bunch of changes in a codebase, only to realize that you're working on master?

git switch -c <new_branch>

Creates a new branch and brings you local changes over.