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macOS tweaks

April seems to have been macOS tweaking month for me with the following changes making life a little easier:

  • Performed a SMC reset to try and keep fans under control
  • Added previous and next keyboard shortcuts to iTunes. These are mapped to whatever strange icon is on the F3 and F4 keys on my Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard
  • Installed Keep Drive Spinning to keep my USB2 HDD online and spinning. I found that macOS would sometimes pause for a bit while waiting on the drive to wake up. I'd first tried Preferences -> Energy Saver -> Put hard disks to sleep when possible but that didn't work.
  • Added a workaround for the Disk Not Ejected Properly issue I was experiencing

It’s the start of a week off so treating ourselves to a takeaway pizza.

But not before a quick one at the Services Club ;)

In a bid to tame the fans on my Mac Mini I reset the SMC yesterday.

I think it's working as the fans have been a lot quieter today and, when they do spin up, go back down quickly.