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We both finally got around to registering with a local GP today. Its just down along Brighton road which means that its a 5 minute walk. (I might add that it was a freezing cold walk today).

Don't think that anything on the NHS could be as painless as registering with these people. Just had to fill out a simple form and then that was that.

Apparently my records will be transferred from the Sutton GP that I was last registered with. But as for Andy, well he did not even have to go through the standard checkup like I did. No fair if you ask me hehe!!!

There is a 24 hour waiting period between making an appointment and getting to see the doctor, but that seems to be fine. Better than the Sutton one where it was 2 days.

Must actually go and make an appointment sometime to get them to look at my back. Still not 100% after what happened in November.