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Job matters

Ooooh I was so annoyed with Vodafone this morning. They really do know how to irritate me and provide a cr*p service.

Once again they've neglected to notify me of voicemails that are sitting in my mailbox. I had two missed calls yesterday and find it strange that no one had left any messages, but I thought nothing more.

So today when checking my IMAP folder I hear the magical Outlook sound indicating that I have new messages and wham, out of thin air are two voicemails waiting for me.

To cut the story short, the one message was from FirstAssist to tell me that they want to offer me the position that I applied for!!!!

Yip boys and girls, I will soon be doing something IT related - and no more call centre work :-) Just waiting for a "Letter of Offer".

I'll be employed as a Service Desk Development Analyst. No idea what salary I will be on, but the range goes from GBP16 000 to GBP33 000. Anything will be an increase from the GBP13 768 that I am on at the moment.

But the ultimate part of this story is that its all based in Purley, so I'll be at the same offices as I currently am. Which means being 2 minutes from home *grin*.

Yay yay yay. Can't believe that its taken me 9 months to get something though.