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My mint arrived!

I was very happy this morning to find that my Mint ( credit card arrived in the post (Still feels weird how they send cards like this in the post, don't recall anyone in South Africa doing that).

Included in the leaflets is a little paragraph stating "Due to the fact that many retailers have not caught up to our advanced design, we do advised that you always take with alternative forms of payment in the event that the retailer decides not to accept your card or it gets stuck/swallowed in a machine (due to its funky shape)".

Nice to know that you can't use it for everything :P Well I plan to use the card for all of my purchases when we're on holiday in Cape Town so will see if anyone says "NO" to it.

Brilliant to have some form of decent credit limit available. I know that I can use Switch when purchasing items online, but I always feel much safer using a credit card as I know that I have some level of protection available to me.

Only one downside to this card, nowhere on the website can I find how to view my account online. So that means no checking statements, transactions and current balances. At least CapitalOne is more advanced in that department.