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PocketPC Today Screens

Argh what a terrible time I had trying to compile the MSDN Today Screen sample.

It consists of a Embedded Visual C project for the unmanaged code and then a Visual Studio C# project for the managed code (to generate a new project Wizard).

Silly eVC was not setup with the correct paths to the WM2003 SDK so that had to be fixed (well it really seemed that the project from MS was not setup correctly).

Then while I could compile debug/release versions of the app for the x86 architecture, there was no ARM configuration which was all a bit useless.

So then I created a new configuration targeting ARM4 based on the current Release configuration for the project. Well that turned out to be no help as those configurations were being told to target x86 somewhere in the files. (sigh).

Then I created a new configuration based on a "default" release and that at least got me compiling ... until it stopped and said that it knew nothing about HTML :P

Looking through the ARM4 Release vs x86 Release I found that some html library was not being included in the ARM release, so after adding that it worked 100%

Really should have been able to just unzip, compile and install!

At the end of it now I can at least create a new "Today Item" project is VS.NET (for C# apps) and that actually works and appears on the PPC Today Screen.

The only issue that I have at the moment is that the component has a white background behind it and does not show the "desktop" image as all other ones do. Did post a message to a newsgroup asking if anyone had any ideas on how to fix this - but no replies so far.

At the moment I've got way too much on my Today Screen on the PPC. Its actually all "just right" at the moment (i.e 100% full!).

My added extra's are

--> Battery Pack --> Countdown app (counting down till I'm on Holiday!) --> cLauncher (for launching apps)

No idea how to get a screen of it yet, so will have a look around.