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I was awake quite nice and early today as Andy had an interview in Sutton for a marketing/web position. So I tagged along...

Wow I am so glad that I don't need to do that bus journey from Purley to Sutton anymore, it really is horrible. 50 minutes each way - what a waste of time. If moving had one good thing, its the reduction in travelling.

Had a look at our old flat (which is still empty since 10 January). Was great to see it again, and it brought back all good memories. It was our first place in the UK and we were there for 8 months or so. Really was home.

Then ran along to B&Q to see if we could find a lock the for the door. MoreThan (our insurance provider) have said that we need to have a 5 lever lock on all final exit doors.

Now the main entry door is fine, but the patio door was is only a 3 lever so that needs to be sorted. The landlord of the property has agreed to pay for a locksmith to come out and fit a lock, provided that we pay for a lock.

Got a 5 lever lock (GBP21.94) thats 64mm in length, which compares quite well to a lock we bought on Saturday which is 67mm.

Andy had to run along to the interview and I left shortly afterwards to get home to be there for the locksmith.

The lock was fitted - but not without quite a bit of work. Quite of bit of excess wood needed to be removed to allow the new lock to fit. But thats done and we're now fully insurance (which is great seeing as we're off on holiday soon).