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Spent most of today fiddling with C# and creating a new application for the Pocket PC.

I've decided to call it PocketMuncher (it was going to be PocketRSS but that's already taken). Google is at least only showing 1 reference to PocketMuncher and that was for an expired domain.

Hmmm so comments on the name please! There's already apps like PocketFeed and PocketNews, so PocketMuncher "feeds" on RSS/XML feeds! Make sense? :-)

Trying to decide on the layout was a pain, there is just so little space available on the screen. Ideally I would like to have a Today Screen component of PocketMuncher so that you can can see at a glance any new feed items. But what with only being .NET way of writing a Today Screen plugging being a little annoying (i.e the lack of transparency) I might postpone that.

Testing the program is such a pain as the emulator is really slow to start and load the program. Really do miss the "speed" (used relatively here!) of using VB6 and such.

PocketMuncher should definitely have the ability to cache news items so you can read it offline (i.e just reading the HTML from the server and saving that to a file). The images and such are not important as one really just needs the main text.

(sigh, work tomorrow!)