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(One of my few) days in the office

Yes yes yes it's rather amazing that I am actually in the office today and tomorrow.

Quite scary to think that its almost all over, what we've only got one more week to go (which means its Cape Town soon!) and then when we get back its time for the 9 to 5 of the normal office life.

Had a total of 2 calls today, with one of them being a Coutts advisor hanging up on me (how rude). Hmm still need to send off a fax for a customer so must get around to doing that.

A letter was waiting for from NatWest this morning to say that they had opened up my savings account. About time if you ask me ... silly people for not updating my address in time and thus delaying the entire process. No idea how long I will have the account for as I would really like to move everything over to RBS - but that cannot be done until I get given a Switch card there. Sigh.

Talking about letters and such, neither NatWest nor Royal Bank of Scotland have responded to my complaint letters. I posted them on Saturday so they should have arrived by Monday. But nothing. Andy's letter was posted on a Saturday and dealt with on the Monday - so why are they slacking now :-)

Andy's had a cool idea, in that I should only keep my salary in my current account and move whatever else is in there out into my savings. So that way, if I start the month with 1000 in my current account, I should move all but 850 (my salary) out into my savings and just spend from my "salary" amount.

That way I know exactly where I stand with my finances, and can see at a glance if I am going to make a profit or not for the month.

Bryn and Robert (two friends from Cape Town who I went to school with) are writing some finance programs. Bryn is writing it for Symbian (Sony Ericsson P800) and Robert for the PocketPC. Did demand interoperability from them so we will have to wait and see :-) Nice idea of being able to have your current balance, latest transactions and stuff on your phone/pda. You'll just need to get into the habit of entering ALL expenses as they come along (believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds).

ER is on tonight so that will be something to watch at least. Need to play some more Splinter Cell (XBox) as I am lagging even more behind Andy now.