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NatWest Replies

Okay firstly, NatWest branches (well the Putney one anyhow) is so cheap that they send replies to complains via 2nd class mail. Shows what they think of their customers. (NatWest Customer Relations on the other hand send things via 1st Class at least!).

The assistant manager from the branch replied and said that they're not going to be refunding my money as there was a 90 day money-back guarantee on the Advantage Gold Account. Now thats complete cr*p as I know, from dealing with their travel insurance, that the 90 day thing was only introduced in the Q4 of 2003 as a way to stop all of the complains that NatWest was getting from angry customers.

They also said that they cannot state if a credit card application would be accepted (and I am fine with that), but the problem was that I was told by one of their Advisors that I would get it.

So bonk NatWest Putney, this will be going to Customer Relations now.