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PocketMuncher - Status Update

Woke up nice and early this morning (08h30) even thought I got to bed after midnight (I need my sleep!).

Decided that I might as well use the time constructively so I got down to working on PocketMuncher while Andy was in the land of nod.

I was wondering how I was going to store all of the feed information programatically, and was going to use a Struct and a ArrayList to do it. But after a little bit more experimentation I found out that a TreeNode has:

    |.Tag  = Data for you to use
    |.Text = The text displayed in the TreeView listing

So I was able to store all of my details in the .Tag for each entry so can then just pull the data out when I need it.

At the moment the program by default (you can't configure your own feeds yet) loads up The Register feed and adds a list of all the headlines that they're offering.

Upon clicking on the news item it puts all the relevant feed data into a HTMLControl and you can go ahead and read it.

Quite a bit more work to do on it, but at least it has progressed.

(Mental note: When using a TreeView and calling .BeginUpdate() please NEVER EVER forget to call .EndUpdate() otherwise the TreeView never updates the display can shows nothing!)