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Manic Monday

Aaaargggh it was a really bad start to the week today. I set my alarm for 07h00 and I am sure it went off, but the problem was that I must have pressed "Stop" instead of "Snooze". So I woke up at 07h27 all in a rush and had to fly around to get everything done.

Only got out of the bath at 07h50!!! In the end I was only around 5 minutes late for work. Great thing is that there are no team leaders around so no one really cares.

Post for today consisted of my NatWest e-Savings account statement and a VB.NET Resource Kit DVD from Microsoft. It includes a VS.NET 2003 60 day trial which might come in handy. (Lets see ... VMWare and saving a blank WinXP installation hehe) - but bet it will be as slow as me trying to run the 100m dash :P

Guess I will carry on reading Harry Potter Book #1 then. (Or as the British would say "ary po ---- a").