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And the PC soars

Yep, everything is now working 100%. What difference a re-installation can make! Got Windows XP Professional installed along with its tons of its "critical updates".

All that I will say is thank goodness for broadband, as you need to download around 30mb to update the system.

MS Office 2000 is now updated to the latest Service Pack 3. Never bothered with it before as it always wanted the installation CD and I was just too darn lazy to get it out before.

One thing that was bugging me was that I can still no longer "Customise Outlook Today". I wanted to add some extra folders to the Outlook Today screen, and I always thought that it was something weird on my installation that stopped it from working.

Googled for "Customise Outlook Today" and it came up with which explains that a IE update disables it. Bah! Thats Microsoft for you :-) Will give the work around a try this evening and see what happens.