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We're here!!!!

Here we are at JHB International, and it really feels as if I have come home. I don't feel one little bit foreign - an amazing feeling to know what to do and how things work.

Our flight (SA235) was delayed by 25 minutes or so due to some people not arriving at Heathrow on time.

It took forever for us to take off as there was such a queue on the runway. Heck, we even had 7 planes behind us.

Watched "Lost in Translation" and "Stuck on You" for my movies. Dinner was fine, only had the choice between beef or fish, so we chose the last two beef (which no doubt pissed off some people!)

Slept quite we'll, but was rudely awoken at 5AM SA time. Lost out on two hours sleep due to the time difference.

Got to have Kauai again!!!!!!!!! That is something that the Brits should get started over there - can see it going down quite well. Brilliant to be spending in Sterling. One can get a slice of cake and coffee for GBP1 ;-)

All sorted for our flight to Hoedspruit, just sitting in the departure lounge at the moment. Got 1 hour before we should take off, but boarding should begin in 30 minutes or so.

Will be signing off now and promise to report on the new flight once we're settled in at the lodge.