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Purley office is our home until Thursday, Friday is a bank holiday so we're off until the Tuesday which is great! Not that we've been doing much work as it is, they really have nothing for us to do - not that it will last for long as the new Service Desk is going live on 13 April 2004 so that will no-doubt be interesting.

I'm on the early shift which is from 0800 until 1600. Not even really sure why I have to be on the shift list seeing as I am not doing the answering of calls??? Apparently the process will be for the four 1st line support people to answer the calls and then if they are busy it will go to the 2 shift leaders and if they're busy then it will go to myself and my partner in crime. Wonder how many will slip through hehe.

Went to see the L.A Fitness gym in Purley yesterday. Nice enough place (gosh, the Purley council gym was a real shocker...) and the price does not seem to be too bad. If Andy and myself take out a joint membership then it will be GBP31.50 each per month. Compare that to around GBP27 for the council gym ... Just need to check out Fitness First down the road and then we may soon soon be going to gym again!

Logged all of my expense claims today onto the online Oracle HR system, it all seemed to go through fine and now I've got to photocopy all of the receipts and wait for it to be authorised.

Well need to try and install a freemail cert into IE here now so will BBL.