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First day of real work ...

Yip, today is the first day that both of us are starting the formal parts of our jobs. The past 3 weeks have really just been doing odds and ends while they got the service desk started - but today, 13 April 2004 the service desk has been launched.

Got a desk, PC and our own phone now - quite a change to what we've had before (no more call centre!!!). My desk is not in the greatest position but its at least not facing the boss which does help. There is a window in the far end of the office to look out of, and I spy a church some trees and a road. Better than nothing :-)

My phone is not working at all so won't be able to do much until thats work. Its a stupid Avaya CallMaster V which means that I can only have a headset plugged into it - sucky. Does that mean that there are more ear infections along the way???