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Cash Back

Well it's now been 6 months since I signed up for my Vodafone cellphone contract so I can finally get my GBP50 deposit back (Yay!).

Phoned them up and they're apparently going to be sending a cheque through in the post. Hmmm how many times will I have to phone them up only to find out that its not been done!

Freeserve has officially changed to Wanadoo now and that brings in download limits on their broadband products now. So for the GBP27.99 package is 15GB per month.

Thankfully this only applies to people connecting to or changing their package from the 28th April 2004 onwards. BUT when we decide to move again we'll (for all intents and purposes) be starting a new 12 month contract so will have to get a limit imposed.

They say that once the limit is reached everything will work as per normal except for the fact that you'll be on a slower connection. Yay. Should not be too much of an issue seeing as I doubt we do 15GB a month. Thats like 500MB a day for an entire month, and its mainly used on weekends.

In other news my expenses from the trip to Bournemouth have finally been paid, but for some reason they ended up in my NatWest account and not in the RBS one. Who knows what HR/Payroll have done now :-)

Work is getting more interesting, especially now that I've been tasked with being the System Administrator for the Oracle Service Desk Call Logging system. Hmmm my CV will have some nice goodies added to it *grin*.