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A year ago

A year ago today it was my last day of work at Foschini in Cape Town, South Africa. Preparations were well under way to get going to the UK.

Our stuff had already been shipped off to the UK, and our last few items were to be collected.

It's all really weird sitting back and trying to think of what things might have been like had we never moved. Heck, we still cannot even pin point when and why we decided to move over. It almost all seems like it just happened without either of us having a say.

But we are here now and we have to look forward and try not to be upset about our decision to come over here.

We should be happy that we were able to act on such a big decision. Heck, we are in a new country, have jobs and are able to buy goodies.

Not that it has not been hard, it certainly has but it IS getting better. We are still a way off from living the way we used to - but we're saving money on top of it all.

Next major date will be 10/11 May, which is a year to the date since we arrived in the UK.