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More memories ...

A year ago today we arrived in the UK for the first time ... Can it really have been so long already?

And to think of everything that Andy and me have bern through. Wow!

I still remember traveling into London the day after we arrived as we needed to get to 1st Contact. We spent GBP10 or so for day travel cards - how scary that was converting it back into Rands!!!!!!!!!

Just thinking about it all makes me want to cry as I miss my family and friends so much. I really wish I could be there with them.

But I can imagine Bryn saying "Chin up old boy!" :-) We were so lucky to have won the trip back home courtesy of Amarula. Otherwise who knows when next we would have been able to get home?

So Bryn I am still busy with Alistair's Story Part II. Who know's what is next in store for us ...