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Red tape

The larger a company gets the harder it is to get anything done, and today I was reminded why working for small companies is cool.

We had our Oracle consultant in to assist me in configuring the production environment. So last week Friday we sent a mail to the DBA's requesting System Administrator access and what do they do? They leave it to the last minute to tell us no.

So emails went flying back and forth between my manager and the others.

4 hours later I was given access and we could start the configuration. But our go-live date has been postponed by a week...

Someone has just been given the role of Change Control Management and it's either all gone to their head or they are just making things very difficult on purpose.

In other news our Document Imaging & Workflow system had a terrible time trying to stay up and running today (but then it has this difficulty most days!). There are only two of us handling calls and it was getting quite hectic.

Definitely need to try and get my web-based front end working so that the Service Desk staff can handle the majority of the calls. Will work on that one tonight .

On the bus now winding my way home. Couldn't get my lift as usual as I needed to stay a bit later to configure the production environment.

Later, @li