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RBS Customer Relations

Ooohhhhhhhhh RBS are really starting to annoy me. It makes me wonder if maybe NatWest had good service at one stage but have just fallen into acting how their parent company (RBS) does.

On the 20th May 2004 I got an acknowledgement letter back from RBS Customer Relations stating that they would look into my problem and get back to me by no later than 03 June 2004. So I patiently waited and waited and waited.

By 16h30 today I was annoyed as no one had called me so I phoned them and spoke to a very friendly lady on the other end who said she would look into it. She tried looking up my details but her PC system was down and she promised someone would give me a call back in a few minutes. Obviously nothing came through.

Phoned the next day to moan and someone said that they would look into it. Anyway to cut a long story short I eventually got a call from the evil Stella (Branch Manager of RBS Croydon) asking me to come in to give them a copy of my NatWest Switch card. So I said fine.

Then Andy got me thinking that I really should not be the one to waste more time and money going there. So I phoned them up on Monday to say that I was not going to do it and they had to work around me. Well even though they (Natwest/RBS) are the same company I still have to give them permission to look at my account details - so the quickest method would be to go in there :(

Popped in the next day and conveniently Stella was not in (surprise surprise). Gave a copy of the card to a lady called Gemma and then I had to fill in a new application form for a Highline card (don't they have all of this already?). Got a phone call later on to say that the card had been ordered.

So anyway that should be here next week sometime (if they are to be believed).