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Couch potato time!

Andy and myself have been debating for some time now as to whether or not we should get a Freeview box or not. It kinda gives you digital TV (like DSTV) but over the normal antenna system so you don't need a satellite dish at all.

Problem was that we were not sure if our antenna in the flat would work with it or not as we could not receive Channel 5 and the other channels all had ghosting.

In the end we got a Bush Freeview receiver, plugged it in and selected "Widescreen 16:9" and it did an auto channel scan and everything was picked up 100% first time :-) So now we've got loads of cool extra channels.

So now we get this like Enhanced Program Guide and Digital Teletext. Very cool the way you can see whats showing now and next on all the channels. Very spiffy indeed *smile*.

Then while browsing the channels we happened to come across E4. So we selected that and had a message come up saying that you need to pay GBP7.99 a month for it by visiting Went there and found out that you need a Freeview receiver that is able to take a smartcard ......... Aaaaarggggghhhhhh and ours can't :(

But least we've now got some more channels, two of which let us watch music videos!