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BT Freeview

Yay! The BT Freeview boxed just arrived and it's rather spiffy :-) Came with a cool keyboard nogal hehe. Plugged it in via the VCR (Digibox to VCR - SCART) and then from the VCR antenna out to the TV. So you need to have the VCR on to watch Freeview.

When first connecting the device up it wanted to connect to the Internet (0845 dialup) to download new updates. Did that and 5 minutes later it was checking for channels and getting itself setup.

Cool interface, slightly slower than the Bush one though. But then it is running on Linux and does have USB for addons. Plugged in Andys flash MP3 player and it picked up the device and let me play the mp3s. Heck you can even take screenshots from live TV.

So now we will just have to sit and wait for BT to announce what kind of support they will be offering for TopUp TV ( The box has the Smartcard slot so it should be ready for it. Wait Wait Wait