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Isle of Wight

Andy, myself and Natalie (a friend from the Purley office) went off on a day trip to the Isle of Wight.

Had a rather early start but guess that you need to avoid the traffic... Took about 1 1/2 hours to get to Portsmouth where the ferry was leaving from.

The trip over took around 45 minutes but you can cross it in 9 if you go on the hovercraft.

Was definitely great to have the wonderful sea air hanging around. The IoW was quite lovely - you can really picture it as a country setting with a few (small) towns. None of the grottyness like we've got here.

First point of call was a place called Needles which is one of the biggest tourist attractions there. It is on the edge of a cliff which follows onto a beach (pebbles unfortunately). There was t is cute sweet shop where they sell the most amazing fudge ... many many flavours! So Andy was in heaven at the sight of all that ;-)

Stocked up on 2 packets of fudge and a nice selection of some boiled sweets.

Then it was off to visit the beach down below at the bottom of the cliff. They have this quaint ski lift which takes you down and up again.

The sea water was actually quite warm and believe it or not but you could see Bournemouth right on the other side. Now if only we could work in Bournemouth and live on the IoW!

Then we went to this stunning little village with loads of old thatched roof cottages. Looked like something out of a fairy tale. Had lunch at The Griffin which is one pub that was featured on a TV show about people looking for businesses to buy.

Then a bit of a walk around before a last drive around.

xxx, @li