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I really did like BT!

Had you asked me 2 months ago what I thought of BT the answer would have been nothing but praises. But unfortunately this has all changed ... amazing how downhill something can go in such a short timeframe.

As you read previously BT had disconnected our line and sent the disconnection notice through to Wanadoo. Thought that it would be all sorted out after getting them (Wanadoo) on the line asking them to ignore the notice. But no.

Got home on the 21st July to find that we could not connect to the Internet. There was dial tone but no ADSL signal on the line according to the red Alcatel USB modem. Gave it a few minutes and then gave Wanadoo a call. Can't remember how long I had to hang on the line for (at 0870 rates as well) but got through to an advisor in the end. They said that BT had requested on the 12 July for the line to be to be disconnected on the 21st. FREAKING OUT!

Gave BT a call and they said yes, ADSL had been disconnected due to a request by Mark Lenton on Wanadoo PLC ( 0870 6000 523). According to BT there was nothing that they could do as I am not a broadband customer of theirs and I would have to take it up with Wanadoo.

Asked to speak to a supervisor there (Stacey Willis) who could not help much either. She said I would have to take it up with Wanadoo. So off I go to phone Wanadoo and I try and explain all this to the advisor on the line. But all he could offer was to say that BT disconnected me and all Wanadoo could do was to charge me GBP20 and reconnect me in 10 working days.

Just then my cellphone rings (showing an 0800 number) and its Stacey from BT again. She has some "good" news in that it they are finally admitting that BT were at fault and they are going to pay for my dialup costs to the Internet while they get me connected back to Wanadoo by tomorrow morning.

Yay! All the problems would soon be a thing of the past :-) Dream on pal! Not gonna happen in this lifetime. Got home the next day and guess what? NO BROADBAND! Phoned up BT and they don't really have any idea of what I am talking about (whats new).

Get through to the Broadband Services Manager who initially tries to tell me that I need to take this up with Wanadoo as they are my ISP. Some more bitchin' and moaning from me and she's on the line to BT ADSL Wholesale to try and see what can be done.

They come back saying that they will never deal with a end-user directly and will only place an order for ADSL from an ISP. Sigh. And she then tells me that the problem was with BT Wholesale as they saw that Wanadoo ignored the disconnection notice so they took it upon themselves to disconnect me! I am completely fuming by this time and almost have a temper tantrum on the phone.

In the end she's organising BT broadband for my line (should be on by Tuesday) at no cost (and no contract) and also paying the 5 months GBP27.99 (GBP139.95) to get me out of my current Wanadoo contract otherwise they would stick me into another 12 month contract.

She was actually the most helpful person there ... but gawd do I really hate BT right now. Just want to get connected to broadband like NOW. As of 24 July the phone bill is sitting at around GBP25 from all of the dialup costs. Darn expensive.

Will have to wait and see what Monday and Tuesday bring.