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J2ME Development

It's really weird that all of my J2ME development was done at a time when I lacked a device to run my programs on - and now that I've had my Nokia 3650 for over a year I've not bothered at all.

Now that phone's been sold for GBP70 on eBay and of course I now install the development stuff - this time around it's NetBeans as SunOne Studio seems to be pay only now (and I'm cheap!).

Can't run it at home yet seeing as my machine is a little too slow - need to get more RAM, okay well a new PC actually!

So here I am again ready to develop but with no device to run it on! Hmmm well I wonder if Andy will let me experiment with my applications on his Z600 ;-) Thinking about rather getting a Windows Mobile powered device instead. Syncing would be so much better compared to using the evil stuff that comes with Symbian phones these days.

So have my eyes on the Orange SPV C500, but that seems to not have Windows Media Player 10 which is at the heart of Microsoft "Plays for Sure" system. Otherwise there is the Motorola MPx220.