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Wireless Headache

My network connection to the Linksys Router has always seem to be flaky - 10% packet loss all the time, not being able to connect to the router admin, etc. It's been driving me crazy and I've even gone so far as to email to get a RMA number so that I could return the device.

But after doing so many hard resets and configuration changes on the router I think that I've found the problem.

Initially I thought that the encryption might be the issue as I always had a brilliant connection to my neighbours router (Netgear) with hardly any packet loss at all. So I switched off the encryption on our side (but still keeping MAC address filtering for some protection) but that did not help much. Well there was a slight improvement but nothing to write home about.

So just before giving up I swapped the USB Wireless LAN network cards around and suddenly I had ZERO packet loss and the other machine was losing around 8%! On my side now I can access the router config 100% and downloads are actually going at around 80k/s which is a first for me on this machine. The other PC does not seem to be having too much of an issue though as browsing and downloading seems to be running okay. Wonder if I should return the network card?