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By now everyone's read the stories about Apples latest gadget - the iPod with the photo display function - which means that the rumours on all the sites were true. But I really just don't get the point of this device?

It's a music player that shows photo's .... yeah? How on earth are the two related?? Most people keep a picture or two of the wife/kids/dog/loved one in their wallet and that seems to do fine. But now we're able to store 25 000 arbitrary images and inflict the pain of a slide show on the people next to us.

How often will we really look through all the images on there? Too me it really just seems like another gimmick that no one will really use. Why did Apple just not go all out and create a portable video player into it, at least then you could watch movies while traveling on the train to work in the mornings. More use than staring at photos!

Perhaps this will mean there will be a flood of older iPod's being flogged off on eBay at cheap prices - at least there might be something useful to come out of it.

So Apple, what's next huh?