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(Tequila (Mint Royale Shot) - Terrorvision) - Tequila, it makes me happy ... oh Tequila it feel a fine ... Oh to hell with this, salt lemon 'n lime time!

Ah it's the start of the weekend and we decided to get bottle of tequila and see what that's like. Last time I remember (well sort of remember) having it was back in March when we were on holiday in Cape Town and staying at my mom's. Alison (my sister) had a bunch of friends over and we had cocktails and lot's of tequila and other odd things. Apparently I got a little tipsy ;-)

The stuff does taste horrible but it's fun! We forgot to get lemons (damn) so we're having to use lemon juice instead! Actually it seems to go down much better with a swig of Tangz Apple Sourz though - hmmm now that stuff is good :-)