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Just like old times

When Andy and myself used to live in Cape Town we would often spend ages playing Unreal Tournament (the old one from like 1999 or whatever). He had a laptop and I my desktop so there were enough PC's, but since coming to the UK we're only really had one so could not play it.

Well decided that it was time to get back into the habit of it so I bought a copy for Andy's birthday (which is only on Monday the 1st November) and got him to open it early. So before we knew it we were back with all the familiar maps and killing each other (lovely!). It really feels so good, almost forget we're still here. Weird how it does that though?

Other than that we took a walk down to Sutton High Street to get another present for Andy's mom. It was her birthday a while ago but she was in Cape Town on holiday so they're back now and we're heading over there tomorrow for a lovely Sunday roast! Hmmmmmmmmm hopefully there will be some Yorkshire puddings.

On the way back we grabbed 2 KFC Mini Fillets (wonder if they have them there in South Africa yet) and strolled down to the park (opposite B&Q) and sat there in the lovely warm sunshine for a bit. That's definitely something that South Africa lacks, loads of little parks all over the place - but then I guess we don't really need them there as we've got so much open space in the first place.

Was brilliant sitting there on the bench, munching away, with the sun's rays beaming all over keeping the place nice and warm. The weather was almost perfect, not too hot or too cold, in fact I was actually just wearing a T-Shirt so it must have been right! Might as well enjoy it while we can as winter is approaching fast...