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Sunday Roast

Had a nice time over at Andy's mom (and husband). They brought back loads of goodies for us from South Africa ...

Lunch was great too, roast beef, potatoes, Yorkshire puddings (what meal is complete without these?) and loads of vegetables. Desert was something quite spectacular, not sure what it had in it (aside from the huge amount of chocolate) but I will definitely need to persuade Andy to get the recipe and make that for us.

Anyway we're home now and starting on getting our braai going. Going to be having homemade turkey burgers so we're looking quite forward to that.

Aside from that it seems I was very naughty and I got confused with the date that my dad's birthday was on. For some reason I thought it was at the end of the month (today) when it was actually on the 29th. Shit! Heck he even emailed me yesterday to say that I must remember my grandmothers birthday on the 2nd Nov - maybe that was a hint? :(