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My big day ...

I've got today off as I worked 2 hours overtime for 3 days last week so have said (well they kind of prefer us doing this ...) that instead of getting paid for the day I'll just take it off - suits me fine!

I'm so nervous as today I'm meeting with someone in London and the course of that meeting will shape what's going to happen in the immediate future. Scary stuff ... So that is at 4PM this afternoon. I've decided that I will wear a full suit as I like the way it feels. Hard to explain, but I feel more confident when I'm dressed up all smart. Sorry about not being able to give details but whatever happens I will post again in a few hours with the result.

Today is Andy's birthday so tonight we're off to dinner and a movie. Not too sure where we're going to eat but the last idea Andy had was perhaps Nando's as we've not been to the UK one before. Afterwards it's off to go and see some scary movie, who's name for the life of me I cannot seem to recall!

Been lazing around for most of the morning, but I was very proud of myself as I got up at 7AM when Andy did. It's quite nice to have a early start to the day, even if you are off at home, just makes it feel so much longer.

I've missed out on the past 2 weeks of the OC (Orange County) and Smallville so been watching the tapes this morning. Damn VCR is being such a pain again and keeps on kicking off saying "ERR" with almost anything that you try. Need a PVR! We're in the digital world now so why rely on darn tapes!