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Vraated Silly

Dinner was brilliant last night, we ended up going to an Indian restaurant in Sutton not far from our place. Was definitely good to be having dinner out again - just something about it that feels so nice. Anyway we completely vraated (if you're not from South Africa then that means "stuffed one's self") there and could not even finish the main course yet alone even consider dessert.

Next thing was to go and see "Saw" at the UCI Cinema's in Sutton for 21h30. Wow, not often that I feel a little sick after a movie but this one sure had it all. It was not a horror really, but just so gruesome it was unbelievable. Definately worth a see though!

Anyway tonight we're going to Bonnie's (friend from work) birthday party, meeting up at some pub first and then going over to Zizi's for dinner. Rather worried that we'll have no one besides Bonnie that we know of there to talk to.