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My new host

Cannot believe that it has almost been 12 months since I found the fantastic "12 months free" offer at media3 hosting. I signed up both and (that's Andy's domain) for the offer and things have been going quite well there.

Of course I made full use of the offer by taking out the Red Hat Linux Value Plus package which retails at USD21.95 a month - a little (well way!) more than I can afford. Especially seeing as there are two domains involved. After spending quite some time searching I googled across Mostic. They've got a great standard hosting package for only USD3.95 a month with no setup fee if you take out a 12 month contract. So I've signed up to that as it has POP3, mySQL, FTP, etc and all for the equivalent of around GBP2 a month or ZAR45. Scary thing is that this would have cost me at least ZAR150 (did my research) if I was to host this in South Africa. Sad that it's cheaper to take business overseas - hey maybe now I finally understand why people move call centres to India? Same kind of thing I guess - just makes business sense?

The DNS changes need to go through and for the most part people should not notice any change. The nice thing about is that I just need to change FTP details and click on "Republish Entire Blog" and everything will move across to the new servers :-)

Here's hold thumbs that everything transfers!