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Router problems ... All gone?

I was most surprised to get a brand new BEFW11S4 replacement router after sending in my broken one, was expecting a reconditioned unit of some sort. So now I have 2 setup cd's, network cables and power supplies ;-)

Plugged everything in and it worked first time (just like before...), nice Out of the Box experience I must say. Don't think that we have needed to reset the router at all and most things seem to be working okay. Andy has been having some problems with the Internet slowing down to a crawl on his PC but need more testing with that to see what we can find out.

Was definitely worth the GBP5.20 to send the unit off as they sent it back to me with UPS next day delivery. Now we just need to see if any issues crop up - should I upgrade the firmware at all? Need to set security up on it as it's visible to all and has no MAC access control at all.

Shall sort that out this weekend.