I’m : a web and mobile developer based in the Manning Valley, Australia.


Well yesterday I decided to sign up to Haloscan for their commenting but was a little sad to see the old comments removed. So then I thought to myself that I was, yet again, being dependant on another provider for my service. So as it stood before my blog was maintained by and the comments by

I am obviously grateful for their services, especially seeing as they are free. But I've already been unable to update my site due to problems with the servers. And how I have ended up with a blog on and one on - time to do something I thought.

So now I have moved onto using WordPress which has been installed onto my host and I have everything under "one roof". Best part of it was that I was able to import my and LiveJournal blogs. So now everything is here, how wonderful it is to look and see archives dating back to February ;-)

There is still work to be done on the theme so please hang in there while I go through a few changes to the site. Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.