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RSS/Atom is brilliant

Just finished adding all of my "Blog's I'm Reading" sites into my Newsreader so now the content comes to me! *grin* is RSS not a brilliant idea? No more having to browse sites to see if there is anything new to read... But I have found it adds a little to the information overload and I sure as hell cannot understand how people out there can be subscribed to over a 1000 RSS feeds and go through them each day.

Still got 6 sites that are not working for me yet and it seems that 5 of them do not offer RSS feeds *grrrr*.

Okay now I'm reverting back to my chitter chatter about BlogExplosion but promise to keep it relevant! While adding my feeds from madtechspeaks I found that he's just gone and done what I did and on the same day as well! Added all of his "BlogMarks" from BlogExplosion onto his site. Best thing about it was he even listed me there *smile*.

(Back to the relevance) So it goes to show you that BlogExplosion does have it's uses as you always find something interesting there. Hmmm kind of some hi-tech pick 'n mix library of stories! :-)