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Orange Issues

Last week Sunday I phoned the Orange Pay as You Go team to request that my phone be unlocked so that I can (at long last) use it on the Vodafone network. Orange in my area sucks as there is little to no reception in most parts of the flat. Vodafone on the other hand seems perfect there - not that we have these kinds of issues back in South Africa ;-)

Anyway spoke to a very helpful guy there and he said that the reason it's taking 7 to 10 working days to get done is that Orange are going off to HTC (the real makers of the phone) and asking them : "For this IMEI what is the correct unlock code". Apparently there's a listing of 10 unlock codes that could potentially be used to unlock my code - using the wrong one will lock the phone for good!

So Orange are now waiting for the manufacturer to reply with the correct code. So 10 working days takes them to Friday, 10 December 2004 but I want it now!!!!!