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Site Problems

I don't know if anyone has noticed but sometimes when visiting my site you'll see that it has totally lost it's formatting. The Style Sheeting is gone, images don't work and most of the links are stuffed.

Well it would appear that WordPress is going all freaky on me and changing the SiteURL to something wacky like and it goes on and on. Tried the suggested fix but without any success. So I now I've got a Cron job running a PHP script every 5 minutes to update the database. Not particularly great but it should work for now...

Would appreciate if anyone could let me know when accessing the site if it's looking rather odd or not. Might need to increase the frequency of the Cron job?

[UPDATE] It seems that the issue was to do with a security flaw in WordPress. Accessing my site with a certain URL combination would cause it to bomb out. Fix for this is here.