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Discovered a missed call and voicemail from Orange on my phone so quickly went to listen to it (and I was geeky and downloaded it via my Vodafone IMAP account so I could listen to it on the PC!). Anyway ... they phoned to let me know that my unlock code was available and that they would be sending all of the details in a letter :-) So being impatient I quickly phoned them up, waited in their queue for 5 minutes and was then give the code!!!

So out went the Orange SIM card and in went the Vodafone one ... was prompted to enter my PIN and I entered the unlock code only to be told that it was wrong and I had 2 attempts remaining. Eeek what's going on??? Turns out I should have been entering in my normal PIN code and not yet the unlock yet :P Ooops blonde moment!

Now my phone's unlocked and working on Vodafone and GRPS has been configured nicely and I'm all nice and happy! Now the fun begins grin