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Big Changes

Apologies for the lack of updates lately but boy do I have some exciting news for you ... we're moving back to South Africa! Yip going back home to good 'ol Cape Town and we cannot wait for it. The best thing about it is that I am lucky enough to have a great job waiting for me there.

So we've booked out tickets and handed in our notice here at the current company. Our last day of work is on Friday the 14th January 2005 and then I'm off for a week to the UK office in Hammersmith and we fly out on Saturday the 22nd January 2005 :-) Wow it's almost unbelievable. So much all at once, and there's a huge amount of things that we need to organise. Eeeek!

But it does feel weird as we are leaving some really nice people at the office that have been great friends. Added to that the fact that we have been away for almost two years so "home" does seem a little unfamiliar. But as soon as we touch down I guess things will work themselves out and we will feel that we are in the right place again.

Andy and myself will be staying with my mom in Sun Valley for a while until we find a place to rent. We shall definitely be staying in the Southern Suburbs as my office is just after Ou Kaapse Weg. So here we are at the start of another journey but this time it's taking us back home. Is it the right thing to do? No idea but we don't feel that the UK is the place for us to be. Time will tell I guess.

My mom is really pleased with the news and cannot wait to have us come over. Thankfully there's place for us to stay there and a car to use until we get everything sorted out. Wow!

I'm really going to miss broadband, eBay, Amazon and the rest of the online shopping places. We do have ADSL in South Africa but it's around GBP80 a month for a 512K connection with a 3GB download limit and you're stuck into a 2 year contract as well. We definitely have a long way to come in terms of affordable internet connectivity though. One thing that did catch my attention was the launch of the Vodacom 3G data product. For ZAR699 a month you get a 3G data connection with a 1GB download limit. Something like that would be fine just for email and occasional web browsing but then you are still stuck in a 2 year contract as well. So it might be back to 56k dialup ;-)

xxx, @li.