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Merry Christmas all!

Happy Christmas to everyone! The two of us are at Andy's mom and step dad for Christmas and boxing day along with Andy's brother and fiance. Shame they're really having a hard time living here with the parents - the atmosphere yesterday was terrible. Guess people are starting to get on each other's nerves but it's not nice having to come into the middle of it.

The brother and fiance have recently moved over to the United Kingdom from South Africa - permanently nogal! Unfortunately they did not come and the best of times as jobs are a little difficult to get during the festive season. Had they come a little earlier ...

Anyway gave mommy back in Cape Town a call to wish them well and find out what it is that they are upto. You see my parents have been divorced since 2002/2003 and they each have new partners. (Dad is up in Krugersdorp with my grandparents for Christmas). Anyway mommy and co were out having lunch at Imhoff's Gift in Kommetjie. Felt weird as that's "not the way things were done" back when I was still at home. I realise that changes are obviously going to happen but my mind I kind of expected things to remain somewhat "normal". Okay normal is not the correct word so how about familiar?

My grandparents used to come down to Cape Town for the Christmas holidays every year and they would stay at a rented house in Clarement. My sister and I would sleep over for a few nights and eventually come the 24th (we do things the German way) we would all go down there for Christmas with a lovely braai. But that all stopped in 1999 when they decided that they could no longer really come down anymore. Happened to coincide with me finishing school as well.

Then I moved out in 2001, parents go divorced in 2002, Andy and me moved over to the UK in 2003.

No idea what I was meant to be going on about anymore but I just miss the "way things used to be".