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AO' Hell

Okay sitting here at Andy's mom's place and browsing the Internet via their (unsecured) wireless connection. Have explained before that it really needs to be locked down but they're not too worried - which is good for us I guess :)

Anyway they are on AOL broadband (1MB / 256k) and after using their connection I would never ever recommend AOL to anyone.Seeing as the connection is direct to the router I should have no issues accessing sites - but simple things like trying to logon to MSN Messenger is bonked. Can't even get to or other "normal" sites.

What is it that AOL do to make life so difficult? They are so trying to "own" the Internet and have their crap software on your PC installed before you can do anything. Wake up here, we have an ADSL connection being shared with a wireless router and client PC's should not require anything else to be able to access the Internet.

Am guessing that it's a proxy issue in that I need to setup a proxy address in IE/Firefox as most problematic sites work from within "AOL Browser". But why??? I can access some sites and not others?Crap..