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A few changes to start off 2005

So it would seem that I could not simply be satisfied with the new look of the site and had to go a couple of steps further! Well as long as it's nothing bad then there should not be any problem with it :)

Wordpress has a loyal following with some extremely helpful people over at their support forums.First off I have installed spam karma to help take care of the horrible poker comment spam that I have been getting. I installed it yesterday morning and since then it's already eaten 90 items. Yay! Will these spammers ever learn that their attempts are becoming more and more useless? Do they even bother to "check back" to see if their comments are getting through or if they are just wasting their time?

One thing to note is that at the moment there seems to be a slight bug with the comments, if your comment is deemed to be somewhat "spam like" you should be presented with a form that with allow you to validate yourself either via email or a captcha. But that forms not working and all comments that reach that stage are going into moderation. I've got a thread going to see if we can get this sorted out.

Next item is Currently Hearing so you're now able to see what music I am listening to right above the search field in the right-hand navigation bar. If there's nothing there then I'm not listening! (Either that or Andy is playing the mp3's and I've just not got the plugin installed on his machine).

Post's on here now have an "age" associated with then as they show how long ago they were posted. I used the time since plugin for this.

Last but not least the main image on the page is rotated using a plugin from photomatt. Go ahead and refresh the page a couple of times to see what else is lurking.

That's about it then, but there will no doubt be a few more nice things that I'll add soon enough!