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Wordpress Smartphone Client

Over the past few days I have been playing around with connecting to WordPress via XMLRPC and I seem to have actually made some progress. I've used C# to create a .NETCF client that can:

I have made use of the MoveableType XML RPC calls (such as metaWeblog.editPost) calls so it works quite well with WordPress.Managed to screw up quite a few posts by using blogger.editPost as WordPress does not get a category field through so screws up on the SQL update...

So now I have the class that I need to do all the hard stuff and just need to get some user interface going on it (boring!). This should run fine on a PocketPC but am not too sure about the Smartphone as I have application unlocked my Orange SPV C500 so not sure what would happen with a "normal" phone. Hopefully I should have an alpha version to upload later this week.

Thanks must go to Cook Computing for sending me a .DLL of his xmlrpc implementation that I can use in C# from within .NETCF