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this is a real test from the smartphone

[EDIT] I'm so happy to actually see my program work from a real Smartphone! Makes a nice change to just using it there on the PC. Unfortunately it did take a few tries in getting it to work as Vodafone's Internet gateway seems to be somewhat flakey when it comes to DNS. So I had to us the IP address of the site to get everything to work.

It listed the blog and the 5 most recent entries and allowed me to post (with a title!) as well. Now we just need to get editing working as well and setting a "publish" flag when creating a new post. Guess that the most important bit for now would be to get a config file created so that I don't have to change URL's and passwords all over the code.

Unfortunately I think that this program would be a complete nightmare to get working on a off the shelf phone as even on my (developer) unlocked unit it keeps on prompting me about this program not being "secure". Oh well at least I can use it :)