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Twas the night before...

It twas the night before Ali and Andy flew off to Cape Town and the house was quiet. Actually it was quiet because we're no longer living in our flat in Sutton. We've now moved onto Andy's moms for the last night so at least we have the luxury of a bed and a cooked dinner ;-)

Scary as things are really happening now and in the blink of an eye we will be in Cape Town. Phoned my mom today but ended up speaking to my sister as she was asleep. They've now got the flight number (SA223) and they should be fetching us at around 09h00 on Sunday morning.

Living in the UK has been both fun and somewhat stressful at the same time. We're a little upset that there were a few things we did not get to do - such as Thames boat trip, visit Harrods - but who knows we might be back again at some stage to pay Andy's mom a visit.

According to we're heading into 29 degree's Celsius!! Not going to know what hit us there! :) (And yes before long I will be moaning that it's way too hot and I want the cold back!). Sister is moving into University res next week Thursday so we can help them move in.

But must run now - chat later :)