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And here we are

So here we are back home again. We've been back in Cape Town since the 23rd of January and been busy as anything. As usual I've been rather slack with the updates but we've not really had much of an Internet connection since arriving here. Ah how we do miss the wonders of ADSL and Cable Internet access. (They do have ADSL here but it's so over priced - thanks Telkom).

We found a lovely flat along the mountain in Fish Hoek with stunning sea and mountain views. Fish Hoek was most definitely not our first choice but trying to find anything for the 1st of the month with less than 7 days to go before month end was totally impossible. So Fish Hoek it is before we move along. Thankfully the lease is only for 6 months so once Andy gets sorted with a job we will at least be able to decide where we want to base ourselves.

For getting out and about we've bought a Opel Corsa 1.4 Comfort (with aircon) for R99 000. Still darn expensive compared to UK prices but this was the cheapest "safe" car that we came across. Put a nice little deposit on that one so the monthly payments are not too bad.

It's nice being back and everything feels weird but I have this strange feeling that I miss the UK. Guess I miss it because it was home for 2 years and we eventually got settled and had the things we wanted and could afford to buy whatever we really felt like. And now well we're totally not in that situation here (at the moment). Things are cheaper here but we remember South Africa without having to live on a budget - so it's strange trying to adjust.

Cable Internet and TV are all a thing of the past and we are now stuck on dialup and normal TV channels. Wish we could make a new country which had all the nice bits and pieces from the UK/ZA. But that's never going to happen.

Guess we just need to hang in there until things get sorted. I still remember the feeling of how it was when we first came to the UK. Everything was foreign and very expensive - and there we were without jobs as well. But after a while things settled down and we found it somewhat better.

But it's so weird to hear myself saying "Oh but that was so much better in the UK". And then thinking how some things here are "foreign" - when it was what we were used to!

Our shipment of stuff from the UK should enter Cape Town on the 19th February so (fingers crossed) before the end of the month we might be sitting here with our widescreen TV playing XBOX :-)