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Vodacom and Orange SPV C500

Thought that I should record the fact that I actually got this working - so i'm now able to send (and receive) MMS messages and browse the Internet via GPRS.

But Vodacom were not entirely helpful in getting this set up as Kaashif Booley from Vodacom Customer Care informed me that this phoned had failed tests on the Vodacom network and as such could not be used. Uhm so excuse me but then why did I manage to get it working flawlessly? Damn annoying when your provider lies to you just because (a) either they don't like to phone or (b) can't be bothered to help you set it up.

So watch this space for the GPRS and MMS settings. And at ZAR2 per MB it's hugely cheaper than either MTN or CellC. Just remember that you need to phone Vodacom and ask them to activate GPRS on your account. I did it via but even thought it said it was "Active" it was not. Which stumped me for few days!

Always before you can receive an MMS direct to your phone you need to send a MMS first. You'll then get a message back welcoming you to the "World of MMS" and from then on it should all be working fine.

Agh Vodacom you've really let me down here... Anything Vodacom want to say about it????