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Three Two Run!

I've been feeling very restless over the past day or two - not too sure what's causing it but I just feel as if I have energy inside that I need to get rid of. Did some stretches this morning which definitely felt great.

But then this evening I dragged Andy out to go for a run. Went off to the High School field but found that to be busy (I feel like a chav when dressed for running so don't want people to see me!) so jogged off to Silverglades sports field and did two laps of the small field there. Hey you've got to start somewhere!

So realised that I am definitely unfit and am in need of loads of exercise. Ideally I'd like to go running every evening of the week but not sure how likely that will be.

Just sitting down on the couch now feeling wonderfully relaxed and waiting for Isidingo ( to start. Had a good long weekend but it's now come to an end and work is around the corner. Good point is that Robert is back in the office tomorrow so I can pick his brains on how to get BlogSmart moving along a little better. Who knows there might even be a 1/2 decent version out this weekend.

Cheers, @li